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Briana Rose Henes, LMT and Polarity Therapist
Swedish Massage and Polarity Therapy
A Way of Life Massage and Polarity Therapy
These days its hard to be who you are, no apologizes, no exceptions.  Judgment is inevitable in day to day life, and to protect ourselves we may act differently around certain people and often end up loosing ourselves. Stop focusing on how we should be, and just be who we are.  A Way of Life Massage and Polarity Therapy encourages all clients to be who they are and who they're meant to be.  I believe that every person, has a soul, and to feed that soul that person needs to feel respected, honored, and relaxed.  Stress reduction through relaxation massage and gentle energy clearings allows you to reconnect with your body, unplug from the world and plug back into yourself.
I am a fun loving person, who also enjoys a good book, being silly, and long car rides.  I enjoy hanging out and hiking with friends, as well as snuggling with my beloved cat Saige.

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